Hair Problems- Causes, Symptoms, Checkup and Treatment

Hair Problem

Hair Problems Meaning and Types-

Sometimes , at any age one can experience change in hair texture or pattern, could be because of various internal and external factors that one is going through hair problems. Hair problems can be varied, depending on type of hair. Some common hair problems are greying, hair fall, greasy hair, balding, thinning and breaking and hair fungus.

hair problem causesHair Problems Causes-

A person can develop hair problems because of various factors, some of them being-

  1. Family history- One of the most common causes of hair fall can be hereditary, called male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.
  2. Hormonal changes in the body because of age or external factors like medical conditions also contribute to hair problems.
  3. Certain medicines, taken to cure certain illness also case hair greying, falling and other possible issues.
  4. Any types of radiations in the body or particularly to the head also triggers hair issues.
  5. Stress is a major factor that cause hair greying and hair falling.
  6. Hair colouring or different types of treatments done to hair, also sometimes cause fair greying and thinning. Certain hair styles, for example hair tied tight back in a pony also case roots to weaken.
  7. Hair problems like greying, thinning and hair fall can also occur post/ during pregnancy.
  8. A bad diet, insufficient intake of protein, iron or other vitamins also result in hair loss or hair greying.
  9. Medical conditions like thyroid, ringworm andalopecia areata also trigger hair fall/scalp infection.

Hair Problems Diagnosis and Treatment-

Hair problems initially, are simply diagnosed scalp examination, studying health history or in some conditions by conducting a biopsy of the scalp. Blood tests also determine if there hair problems because of lack of some nutrients like folic or iron in the body.

hair problem treatment

Treatments for hair problems include a variety of options, ranging from medical to home remedies.

Hair problems can be treated by accurate examining and diagnosing with prescribed medicines from a medical practioner. Certain over the counter medicines are prescribed to control hair loss. Most of them are generally topical application creams , gels or oils to be applied over scalp or effected area. A most popular topical ointment is Minoxidil (rogaine). Certain oral medications also help control hair loss, or hair infections. All or certain medications could have side effects to some people.

Home remedies also prove quite beneficial in some cases. Maintaining a balanced diet, limiting stress level, daily exercises, all help towards maintaining a better physical health and help control hair fall and related problems.

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