Top Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

hair Fall

Hair Fall-

Hair Fall Cure and Remedies-

Hair fall can particularly be treated by a variety of over the coubter medications, pills and topical ointments. Most recommended is minoxidil. Certain home remedies that also help limit hair fall and maintain good hair strength are-

hair Fall remedies

  1. Oiling the hair makes the hair follicles strong and provides nourishment to the hair and prevent fall and breakage.
  2. Applying certain home made masks , of curd and lemon also provide protein to the hair and strengthen it.
  3. Applying onion juice to the scalp helps in re growth of hair.
  4. Application of egg yolk strengthens hair and provides shine.
  5. Rubbing green tea also helps.
  6. Avoid combing or brushing wet hair.

hair loss

All these measures help control hair loss and related problems, but basic habits like keeping hair clean and using appropriate cleansers is all important to maintain healthy hair.

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