Importance of Regular Health Checkup !

regular health check up


Earlier people used to visit their doctor only when they were sick and unwell or wanted medical advice. Today people are becoming more educated and aware about their health and life and hence preventive healthcare is taking commonplace and becoming popular. People are always looking fro advice and ways as to how to lead a healthier life.

Benefits and Importance-

Regular check-ups can help find any health issues that can possibly occur, before they become a problem. When you visit your doctor regularly, they are able to detect health conditions or diseases early. If diseases are detected early, it gives you the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications.It limits the risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions. Regular health check-ups improve health and increase life span in return.

Visiting a Dr. regularly helps form a good relation with the doctor and helps treat any medical problem easily and efficiently. In the long run, it also minimises healthcare costs by avoiding costly medical services.

health check up

Type of Health Check-up Packages-

There are many different types of packages, for health check-up, so that different people can benefit from it differently. Its categorised according to age group and gender.

Health check up packages can be specific tailored, and some examples of packages are-

  1. Men’s wellness health check-up package.
  2. Women’s wellness health check-up package.
  3. Men’s 60+ package.
  4. Women’s 50+ package.
  5. Pre- Marital health check up for couples.
  6. Sports health check up for players/ athletes.
  7. Heart health specific package.
  8. Kidneys and lever check up.
  9. Cancer screening.
  10. Health check up for teens, in adolescence age.
  11. Child obesity prevention health check up.
  12. Overall dental health check up.
  13. ENT check up.

What is Master Health Check-up?

Master health check up includes annual visit to ones health care provider and doing a full body assessment and physical check-up.

full body checkup

Master health check-up plan includes liver profile, kidney profile and lipid profile tests. It also includes physical examination. An x-ray and ECG is also done to monitor vital functions of heart and lungs in the chest area. Physical examination includes blood pressure check, pulse rate and waist-to-hip ratio. It also includes routine height and weight check up.

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A detailed blood and urine tests are also conducted to know of all blood sugar levels and other details of the body, for its functioning.